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What’s the Significance of an ISA Arborist Certification?

Posted by on Sep 6, 2017 in Health and Beauty | 0 comments

Your trees are works of art in your yard. As such you want to hire someone you can completely trust to take care of them. Like most other professions, there are some credentials that must be obtained before someone can come out and start inspecting and diagnosing the trees in front of your house. You might notice that any arborist worth their soil claims to have an ISA certification on their website. An ISA certification is the only way to know the arborist you hire knows their trees. So let’s go through what this particular certification means for you and your lawn.

Being certified through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) means that a particular arborist is thoroughly trained in the art and science of tree care. This includes planting, caring for, and maintaining each tree. The ISA is not a government entity and entirely voluntarily funded. This means that everyone involved is dedicated to the care and upkeep of trees and that this is their principal passion. The ISA certification culminates in a rigorous three and a half hour examination that can sink or swim any promising young arborist. They are tested on everything from soil management and tree biology to tree protection and risk management. This ensures that any arborist steps that step onto your lawn know everything that happens from the leaves to the roots. An ISA certified arborist, like the ones at this Austin tree care company, is essential for any kind of tree care because of the complex ecosystem. To maintain and have a continuing ISA certification, arborists must always be furthering their education through the system so they are up to date with the latest arboriculture techniques and strategies. Certified arborists by law cannot perform any acts that are industry-acceptable. This means that they are bound to the safest methods of tree care and risk management for you and your yard. They cannot remove excess live wood, using climbing spikes, or top a tree as they might damage the tree considerably. These rules help enforce the standard of professional work that the ISA upholds.

Making sure that the arborist you hire is ISA Certified is vital to having a healthy lawn. On the ISA’s website you can make sure any arborist is certified through their verification tool. This ensures that your trees receive quality service everytime. Having this certification is a badge of honor in the world of arboriculture. As a major part of nature trees need to be treated with respect. It’s the privilege of every arborist to keep a tree healthy and beautiful for years to come. When you hire a certified arborist you hire the principals of the ISA.

An ISA certified arborist is an arborist that you can trust. Tree maintenance is both an art and science and requires a special set of skills. Make sure that whoever is coming out to inspect and upkeep your yard is certified. You yard deserves the best.

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PCB Toxic Exposure

Posted by on May 1, 2015 in Health and Beauty | 0 comments

The next time you think about taking your old radio apart, you had better make sure that you are using gloves and a good-quality face mask. You could be exposing yourself to a high dose of polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs.

PCBs are the synthetic compounds that was used in many products, particularly those that involved electronics or electrical wiring. PCBs were excellent for insulating electrical components, and for cooling capacitors and transformers. They were also very useful in many other products for various industries, ranging from construction to medical equipment. It is likely that you have already been exposed to PCBs if you live in a house built before the 1970s.

The first company to produce it in the US in 1929 was Swann Chemical Company, located in Anniston, Alabama. Monsanto Company took over production when it bought out Swann in 1935, and continued to produce PCBs until its ban in the 1970s. Monsanto PCBs were the only ones produced in North America.

Despite PCBs being legal at the time, Monsanto should have known that dumping PCB waste in the river was a very bad idea. As early as 1937, scientists were publishing studies indicating the toxic effects of PCB. The company should have figure out a way to treat PCB waste properly prior to dumping so that the environment can safely contain it. However, that would have been very expensive.

PCBs do not occur naturally. Before its invention in 1881, PCB levels were nonexistent. Today, however, it is found everywhere, including in the arctic. Scientists believe that the primary method of PCB distribution is in the atmosphere, when PCBs rise up from the water during evaporation and it is wafted away. Concentrations of PCB in the air is actually higher indoors than outdoors, probably because PCBs were used in many household products, including paint, cement, PVC pipes, and air conditioners. It also permeates into porous materials such as wood. PCB concentration is higher in urban settings than rural.

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The Cost of Medical Mistakes

Posted by on Jan 3, 2015 in Dangerous Medical Products, Health and Beauty | 0 comments

Sometimes, it is the things meant to help that end up hurting. Isn’t there an adage old saying that says, “The road to hell is paved with good intention”? Well, there is certainly a lot of hell to pay when something goes wrong, especially in the field of medicine. There have been many mistakes made in the medical practice that has caused extreme discomfort or even, in the worst cases of them all, death.

Take the hip replacements from DePuy, for example; according to the website of Williams Kherker, there were hip implants in 2003 that were recalled after an onslaught of complaints after the surgery took place. In this case, the implant itself was the one that was apparently defective and those who were victims of its impairments were given ample compensation for their troubles. These have quite evident complications that are immediately treatable, since the symptoms are pretty obvious. The same cannot always be said for faulty medical solutions.

Some medicine, especially the ones that are taken orally or intravenously, can have harmful side effects that are not always so easily spotted. Such is the case of Benicar, a drug that supposed to lower a person’s blood pressure, therefore mitigating the risk of cardiac arrest or other heart related health conditions. However, the product has been linked to have harmful side effects that might do more damage than the good it is intended for, such as weight loss or chronic diarrhea. A lawyer would argue that it was not your consumption of this product that caused the pain; it was, rather, the faulty production of the drug, therefore making you legible for the right to be treated fairly, with regard to the wrong done to you.

If you think yourself to be suffering from any pain or inconvenience as a result of flawed pharmaceutical products, there is a wide array of options available for you to receive compensation and proper treatment for whatever the harm done to you. With the right case presented with the proper evidence, you could regain everything you have lost and you are most certainly owed better recompense.

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Take the Time to Treat Yourself Better

Posted by on Jan 1, 2015 in Health and Beauty | 0 comments

There has been rampant discussion nowadays all over social media about body image, what with men and women alike getting pitted against each other based on their body type. There has been a strike back against the idea that you must be slender and slim to be beautiful, yes, and though this is not at all true, there is such a thing as a difference between being curvy and being obese. The line isn’t fine; it is relatively defined. And there is nothing healthy about obesity.

The main call of social justice aficionados on social media is that everyone should love their own body. Loving your body does not mean that you can just stuff yourself with whatever makes you happy. There are a lot of unhealthy meals and diets, by which many Americans adhere to, which are the root causes of many health impairments such as heart failure, diabetes, kidney problems, obesity, et cetera. Loving your body entails to taking caring for your well-being and your health.

It is no easy task to take care of yourself when the other option looks so tantalizingly tempting and easy. According to the website of the medical team at Bergman Folkers Plastic Surgery, the process of taking care of yourself takes a lifetime and it involves a wide variety of activities to keep yourself both healthy and happy. Imagine the road to wellness as a race that everyone must go through and there are different obstacles for everyone along the way. Weight loss is no different to that and the goal is always the same.

It takes time and a lot of effort to practice a healthy lifestyle. Good things are hardly ever without hard commitment. But, unlike the instant gratification that some of the unhealthier options provide, a little bit of change can make all the difference to better the years to come. In the end of it all, it isn’t about looking good or whatever the now-society dictates as mandate for an attractive body image – it’s about feeling good on a deeper level. Instead of just treating yourself, try treating yourself better. Your body will return the favor soon enough.

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